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Some of our frequently asked questions.

We are not affiliated with any party and operate independently.  100% of all donations raised at our events goes directly to the invited candidates and/or organizations. 

Where do you get your funding?

Agenda 4 Democracy is self-funded by the co-founders.100% of all donations made to candidates and organizations at our events goes fully to those candidates and organizations.

Does Agenda 4 Democracy take a portion of donations for overhead?

No. Those of us who run Agenda 4 Democracy do not, and have never, taken any compensation for our work for the network. We are all donors to the causes we recommend.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available on our website here.  It explains how we handle customer, client, or employee data gathered in our operations.

Can I get a recording of the presentation?

For a variety of reasons, we don’t send out recordings of our presentations or our slide decks. This is a very common question and we understand that it is often difficult to clear schedules to attend an event. We try to schedule several events on different days to accommodate different schedules.

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